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Elite One Man Tour

**ATTENTION: Water levels are back up and all remaining tournaments will be launching out of the original locations.


What makes this tournament unique is that it is not a team event. It’s anglers vs. the fish and other anglers. How is this different from a team event?


  1. You need to land your own fish since you won’t have a partner to net it for you.
  2. You make all the decisions on what spots to fish, how long to fish that spot and when it is time to move on to a new spot.
  3. You can’t blame your partner if your day doesn’t turn out as planned.
  4. You get to keep all the prize money.

We are searching for the best individuals out there. We are also trying to create a platform for future tour anglers. We are attempting to get more sponsors and opportunity for anglers in the future.


Thanks for fishing with us! Our goal is to create an opportunity to show our commitment to tournament anglers as well as enjoying the great sport in which we love so much. We are searching for the best individuals out there. We are also trying to create a platform for future tour anglers. We are attempting to get more sponsors and opportunity for anglers in the future.


100% Payback
Pays 1 in 5 Places
Pays 2 Big Fish Spots
**Points champion will be awarded free entries to monthly tournaments for the following year, does not include Championship, membership fee or Big Fish**



Tournament Directors
Jimmie Murphy 352-789-5351
Mark Lundgren 540-809-5238

2017 Schedule

Feb 4, 2017
Lake Toho/Southport


Mar 17, 2017
Lake Kissimmee/Camp Mack


Apr 1, 2017
Lake Harris/Buzzard Beach


May 13, 2017
Lake Okeechobee/Scott Driver


June 10, 2017
Lake Kissimmee/Joe Overstreet Boat Ramp


July 1, 2017
Lake Okeechobee/Scott Driver


Aug 12, 2017
Lake Kissimmee/Camp Mack


Oct 7, 2017
Lake Toho/Southport


Oct 21, 2017 (Sept 9 Make-up)
Lake Toho/Southport


Nov 18 & 19, 2017
Lake Okeechobee/Scott Driver



Entry Fees

Single Day Tournament
$100.00 +$5.00 processing

$200.00 + $5.00 processing

Yearly Membership Fee
$25.00 + $1.00 processing

Download a Printable Application


Easy Money Graphic


Tournament Rules

NO Alcoholic Beverages until weigh-in is complete

  • All rules are said and written to allow for a fair field. It is important that all participants read and understand. All Federal, State and local laws supersede. The rules will be enforced.
  • Insurance: All boats must have a mandatory minimum of $100, 000 liability insurance. This is the user/owner responsibility. Angers must be able to provide proof of insurance.
  • Entry: Single day tournaments will be $100 and the classic will be $200. There is a $25 yearly membership fee.
  • Fish limits/penalty: All anglers must use care in handling and keeping fish alive for release after weigh in. All fish will be measured on golden rule. We recommend check your board to ours. No culling at weigh in. No culling of dead fish. If a short fish is brought to scale the biggest fish and the smallest fish will be deducted from angler’s total weight. Dead fish penalty will be a ½ lb. per dead fish. Exemptions will be provided. There must never be any more fish in live wells than a legal limit at one time. Fish must be culled immediately.
  • Boat operation: It is each angler’s responsibility to always operate the boat in a safe manner.  Life Vests are to be zipped, strapped and buckled, with the safety lanyard connected to the kill switch any time the boat is on plane.
  • Sportsmanship: It is imperative that anglers always carry themselves in a professional manner. Respect other anglers as well as non-tournament anglers. Any protest may be subject to disqualification.
  • Boat/Horsepower regulations: Each boat must have all required U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment and properly operating live well systems. Live wells will be checked before launch. All boats must have a kill switch. All boats must have a U.S. Coast Guard plate. Motor horsepower will not exceed manufacturer recommendations.
  • Tackle and equipment: Only artificial lures are permitted. There is no trolling. Only one rod is allowed at a time. All fish much be caught on primary rod in use. There is not to be any additional rods or baits in the water while fishing. Only one lure at a time. NO multi-lure rigs. All bedding fish must be caught in the mouth. No snagging! Fish will be inspected.>
  • Permitted fishing areas: Anglers may never leave their boats unless in an emergency situation. There will be no angling outside of the boat. NO fishing in any off limits location from government or director. No fishing within 50 yards of an anchored boat (traditional or poles). There is no off limits unless director notifies.
  • Tournament Hours: Safe light until 3:00pm., this may be adjusted by director. Each angler will be assigned a boat number which must be put on the board prior to check in time. Anglers will be deducted 1 lb. for each minute late. Anglers will be disqualified after 15 minutes late.
  • Emergency or Break down: An angler may contact another angler if needed however director must be notified. Anglers must identify their fish with some sort of marker or separation system before entering rescue boat. Fishing from rescue boat is not permitted.
  • Protest: Protest must be presented in writing to Tournament Director prior to launch or during weigh in accompanied by a fee of $100. Once weigh in concludes or monies are rewarded protest are null. . Fee will be returned if protest is upheld by director. Any accusations made without written statement or deposit could result in disqualification of protester.
  • Polygraph: All anglers are subject to polygraph.
  • No baiting of any kind to include brush piles and grasses.
  • No fishing of personal brush piles that you put out or that you know were put out illegally.
  • Locking: Locking rules will follow B.A.S.S./FLW Rules – Please see Tournament Director with any questions.
  • Classic Qualification: Contestant must fish 7 of the 9 tournaments or be one of the top 30 qualifiers able to attend and compete in the classic. Anyone not able to make 7 out of the 8 tournaments can pay for the 7th tournament to qualify for the classic. Payment must be received prior to the start of the tournament you are going to miss.
  • Points: 200 points are awarded to the winner of each qualifying tournament, 199 to 2nd, 198 to 3rd, etc. Any angler who pays for a tournament but is unable to fish will receive 10 points less than the lowest finishing angler. 3 bonus points will be awarded to the angler catching the largest fish of each tournament. Each anglers lowest finish will be dropped for the purpose of calculating Angler of the Year.Payment for the classic must be made prior to the event.
  • Payment for the classic must be made prior to the event.