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Elite One Man Tour Results

Toho Marine Elite One Man Series – March 11, 2017 – Lake Kissimmee – Camp Mack Boat Ramp

The 2nd Elite One Man Tournament of the Year launched from Camp Mack’s River Resort on Lake Kissimmee on March 11th – To say the Lake was a bit crowded would be a major understatement. There were 4 tournaments that launched from Camp Mack, One from Lake Hatchineha, One from Overstreet Boat Ramp on Kissimmee, and another from Lake Toho! Although the weather had been improving and many were expecting to have a great day on the water, there were more than a few anglers who came to the weigh in a little disappointed. Not sure if it was the full moon, or all of the trolling motors churning up the water, but the bite was definitely off for most of the field. There were 49 boats in the field, and although many tried, only 2 Anglers were able to pass the 20lb mark.


John Kitchens with his big fish!


John Kitchens turned out to be the man with the plan when he dropped his sack of fish on the scales at Camp Mack.  His bag of 22.95lbs was anchored by what turned out to be the 2nd Biggest Fish of the event weighing in at 8.15lbs.  Winning the event netted John a check for $1650.00, followed up by a 2nd check for an additional $225.00 for having the 2nd Biggest fish of the tournament!


Rodney Glunt

Big Fish honors and a check for $450.00 went to Rodney Glunt who brought in an 8.75 lb. Giant!


Jerry Hammett

Jerry Hammett – 2nd Place!

Jerry Hammett came in 2nd with another Trophy Catch fish anchoring his bag of 8.05lbs!


Mason Boylan takes 3rd Place!

Rounding out the rest of the Top 5 was Mason Boylan who finished in 3rd with 19.75lbs.  4th was David Howell with 18lbs, and 5th was awarded to Paul Hanley for his 17.75lb bag.  In 9th place was Charlie Harrelson who was awarded an Enigma Rod for being the “first place “out of the money.”!

After the weigh in was all done and checks handed out we still had the raffle for everyone who entered the tournament. With Great Sponsors like TH Marine, Ardent Fishing, Enigma Rods, Bob’s Machine Shop and Mercury we are able to give away some great prizes every tournament. This month we raffled off an Ardent Reel, TH Marine G-Force Handle, TH Marine “Eliminator” Prop Nut, as well as Outback Gift Cards, Bob’s Machine “Big D” Trolling Motor Handle, Hats and Seat Base Plug (Thanks to David McAvoy for the Gift Cards)! In an effort to “spread the love,” the raffles are limited only to those who do not earn a check at each event.


This month’s Enigma Rod winner!


Joe Clements also announced the new Toho Marine Easy Money Program at his event as a way to further reward all of our great customers who fish the Elite One Man Series. Details will be on shortly but the short version is that if you bought a boat from Toho Marine and qualify for the Championship you can make up to $500.00 in “Toho Bucks” just for fishing and qualifying for the Championship. He is also adding up to a $1000.00 bonus at the Championship if you bought a 2016 or 2017 model boat, and $500.00 if you purchased a 2015 or older new boat, or a used boat from January 2016 to October 2017!

For anyone who brings a new person to fish in the next One Man, you will receive $25.00 in Toho Bucks!  The end goal is to have at least 60 boats at every tournament in order to have these events be able to pay out even MORE MONEY!  60 boats is the cut off for all of the extra incentives that are offered by the boat brands we carry and that have committed to supporting this great tournament series!  Once we reach 60 we will also be able to award Triton Gold, Ranger Cup, Phoenix First Flight, Skeeter Real Money, and Blazer Boats Bonus Money!  This could mean an additional payout of up to $7000.00 depending on the boat you run and that brands qualifications for bonus payouts.

The next tournament is April 1st at Camp Mack!  Hope everyone had a blast and we look forward to seeing you next month!  The 2017 Help Our Heroes Benefit Tournament is on June 3rd!  Make sure you get your entries in before the cut off of May 26th!  Go to for more info or to sign up!


TH Marine Ardent Outdoors – Enigma Fishing  – Gee Crack 

The 2017 Help Our Heroes Benefit Tournament will be on June 3rd, save the date on your calendars!


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